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Origins: Evolution from Cell Phone Repair to Cell Phone Repair Training

Wild PCS has been in the cell phone repair industry since 1998. During this time, Wild PCS has witnessed the full spectrum of growth in the cell phone industry, from crude portable telephonic devices used by a limited customer base to the widespread global use of tiny but sophisticated and powerful communication tools capable of transmitting photos, e-mails, and text messages and accessing the Internet.

During this time, Wild PCS has remained at the forefront of cell phone repair, operating successful repair centers in Las Vegas , Nevada and Fresno , California , by responding to the exponential growth of complicated cell phone devices and providing repair services to both cell phone dealers and individual customers. Our vast experience has given us timely and unique expertise in the industry.

As a natural extension of the repair services that we offer, in 2006, Wild PCS became the first company in the United States to provide training in cell phone repair. Our training programs, currently held in our Las Vegas location, are

To date, Wild PCS has trained and certified hundreds of business owners to launch their own cell phone repair business, and more are enrolling each month to join this growing industry. Our training program has helped some of our students embark on new careers, while other students have returned to their current retail operations and used their new cell phone repair skills to offer expanded services and, thus increase store revenues. Read our students’ testimonials.

Mission Statement

Wild PCS prides itself on sharing our extensive cell phone industry expertise with new and experienced individuals and retailers by offering them practical, economical and current training in cell phone repair services. We are always seeking to improve the lives and livelihoods of our students and business associates.

Wild PCS Instructors

At Wild PCS, we strive to bring to our students industry proven instructors with a minimum of 8 years in the retail wireless industry to transfer not only the repair skills, but to teach our students the true nuts and bolts on how to operate and run a successful repair business. Read our Trainer Bios click here

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