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Added On: May,12,2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the training (Level III Master Cellular Technician Cse), but what I found was top notch instruction. Not only did Frank’s instruction make everything easy, but the wealth of knowledge and experience he shared put the quality of this training head and shoulders above most of the other technical courses I’ve had. This is where you go for cell and tablet repair excellence.


Added On: Apr,03,2017
I had pretty extensive phone/tablet repair history coming into this training, but I wanted to expand what I already knew. Most of my training came from trial and error and lots of research. I am very happy with what I walked away learning from the training. Even the things I did know how to do, … Continue reading Level III Cellular Master Technician

Added On: Mar,06,2017

After finishing class from last week, I wanted to make sure and leave some feedback. I can’t say enough for Frank and his 5 day class. It was done extremely well, in an environment that was very conducive to learning such technical information. Frank is overwhelmingly knowledgeable. Although this wasn’t the Law Enforcement version of the course, I think that made it better. I was able to learn the skills necessary to facilitate data recovery on the LE side, while learning what it takes to make some money doing repairs on the side. 5 Stars for this class and for Frank!

Great training!

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Added On: Jan,30,2017
The information you get while you are there is life changing. Not just in the fact that it allows you to be your own boss, but in the way you shop for yourself as well. From the moment we walked in till we got our certificates we were learning in comfort. Every question we had … Continue reading Great Training even better Instructor

Added On: Jan,23,2017

I attended the 5-day cell phone repair training to earn the Cellular Master Technician (Level I, II, II) rating. I do not believe you can call yourself a true cell phone or tablet repair professional without taking this course. Regardless if you have some experience or currently in the business, this course is worth the investment. Upon return to your shop/business the training will pay off. This training will not only increase your repair skills but also help guide your business establishment and development. Some of the best training I have ever attended. Frank is in the top 1% of instructors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.


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