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Added On: Jun,26,2017

I spent a week at Wild PCS in Vegas for their 5 day school. Frank was awesome and I learned a ton. I have been doing cell phone forensics for more than 5 years (1500+ phones) and wanted to learn the repair side for dealing with damages or broken devices. Although I was more interested in using the knowledge in a forensic application the retail knowledge was helpful opened my eyes to the possibilities on the retail side. Frank was able to focus his training for both forensics and retail as I was not the only student. I received 5 full days of hands on instruction and I went from totally useless with a solder gun to replacing and soldering parts that are minuscule. I was aware of the negative reviews and from my experience with Wild PCS these negative reviews are unsubstantiated. I highly recommend the 5 day class at Wild PCS. Within days of the class I was swapping a logic board on a damaged phone with a logic board on a working phone in under 20 minutes, and was to get a physical dump of the data. For Chipoff, I also went from using the hulk smash approach to gaining access to the emmc chips on phones to being able to completely disassemble the phone, remove the chip and completely reassemble the phone without losing a screw or breaking a part. This class is well worth the time and investment. Chris Gamm, President, Wisconsin Association of Computer Crimes Investigators, Northern Chapter.


Posted By: Chris Gamm State: Website: http://WWW.WACCI.ORG


Added On: May,12,2017
I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the training (Level III Master Cellular Technician Cse), but what I found was top notch instruction. Not only did Frank’s instruction make everything easy, but the wealth of knowledge and experience he shared put the quality of this training head and shoulders above most of the other … Continue reading Repair with the Best

Added On: Apr,03,2017

I had pretty extensive phone/tablet repair history coming into this training, but I wanted to expand what I already knew. Most of my training came from trial and error and lots of research. I am very happy with what I walked away learning from the training. Even the things I did know how to do, I learned shortcuts and/or an easier/faster way of doing them and most of all a more efficient way of doing some of the repairs. Frank was a great instructor and I would encourage anyone that wants to get into the repair field or that wants to expand on their current knowledge to take this course. It’s definitely worth the time and money!


Added On: Mar,06,2017
After finishing class from last week, I wanted to make sure and leave some feedback. I can’t say enough for Frank and his 5 day class. It was done extremely well, in an environment that was very conducive to learning such technical information. Frank is overwhelmingly knowledgeable. Although this wasn’t the Law Enforcement version of … Continue reading Great training!

Great training!

Posted By: Tim F. State: Website:

Added On: Jan,30,2017

The information you get while you are there is life changing. Not just in the fact that it allows you to be your own boss, but in the way you shop for yourself as well. From the moment we walked in till we got our certificates we were learning in comfort. Every question we had was answered and in depth. Frank was a great instructor. He was open about his experience in the field and very easy to talk to. He didn’t micromanage us when we were working on phones ourselves, but was quick to help us when we were stuck and asked. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting or even thinking of getting in this field.


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