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Cellular Master Technician 3 Day Level 3 Training Course


Course Description:

Wild PCS Cellular Master Technician 3 Day Training provides students with expert repair knowledge and advanced Level 3 board level repair skills that will separate you from your competition. This CMT 3 Day training is geared towards Cell Phone Repair Technicians who have already acquired the repair skills to fix up to Level 1 and Level 2 repairs. Technicians usually have 1 to 2 years repair experience but lack the advanced soldering and board level repair skills.


Who should attend this training:

Technicians who have a solid understanding of troubleshooting and repair skills to service all manufactured devices up to Level 2 repairs. You are able to disassemble and reassemble devices without causing any type of damage. You are able to identify and repair all detachable components: LCD, Glass Digitizers, Flex Ribbon cables, Speakers, Antennas and other removable components from the circuit board properly. You are now willing to advance your services outside of basic cosmetic repairs. You want to learn how to fix water damage devices, and need to learn how to solder to repair damaged circuit board components. You are tired of turning away customers because you can’t fix board level repairs. You are tired of sending board level repairs to others to fix and it’s time that you learn how to do these repairs yourself.

Cellular Master Technician 3 Day Course Price: USD $1,200.00

Daily Schedule:

Wednesday: Water Damage Repair Solution & Advanced Level 3 Circuit Board Repairs – Thursday: Advanced Level 3 Circuit Board Repairs – Friday: Advanced Level 3 Circuit Board Repairs and Business Operations Training

What it includes:

3 Full Days of Advanced Level 3 Circuit Board and Water Damage Repair Training, Business Operations, Proven Marketing System & Unlimited on-going after class support.


Wednesday – Friday from 9 AM to 5PM

Advanced Hands-on Smartphone Repair Training

Advanced Level III Course

  • Circuit board block diagram layout architecture – For Component Level Repairs
  • RF Shielding removal using proper heating element
  • Replace on-board connectors: LCD and Digitizer Molex Plugin connectors
  • Replace on-board components: Volume/ Power Switches, Battery connector, SD memory connector, Vibrator, Flex Cable Switch, Multi pin Data Port, and Charging Port
  • Repair and identity missing on-board capacitors, circuit bridging techniques

Liquid Damage Repair Solution

  • Troubleshooting techniques to identify, treat and repair liquid damaged devices
  • Proper tools and cleaning agents for treatment
  • BGA Controller Chip Reaction to exposed to Liquid
  • Phone automatically shuts off – Power Cycling
  • No network signal or unstable signal
  • Phone not powering on – No Power




  • Gain access to our reputable wholesale suppliers to source parts for your new repair business
  • Inventory start up and what’s needed – How much to invest and what to order
  • Retail space allocation and where to do business
  • How to build out your repair center – Tech stations and retail layout
  • Marketing tactics to drive immediate traffic for your repair business once launched – with minimal investment
Cover the 7 Profit Generating Add-ons for your Business
  • Gain access to our Wholesale Accessories companies – High profit margins with minimal investment!
  • Buy-Sell-Trade Refurbished Cell Phone – Inside secrets to show you how to get it started
  • Sell Refurbished Portable Electronic Gadgets – Sell Sell Sell – refurbished consumer gadgets are in high demand!
  • GSM Cell Phone Unlocking – Access to our trusted Code Wholesalers
  • CDMA Flashing – Access to our trusted CDMA flashing companies to use Direct connect apps to Flash Devices to CDMA carriers
  • Data Transfer & Recovery – Repair profits are great, but this is easy money!
  • How to penetrate your repair services to the Corporate Market – It’s not all about Consumers!

Cellular Master Technician Training: $1,200.00
for 3-day Training Course
Wednesday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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