Q: We see other start-up training centers teach Game Console, iPod and MP3 repairs along with cell phone repair training in their 5 day course, do you offer that as well?

A: It is hard enough to train our students to master cell phone repair techniques in our accelerated 5 day course, so how proficient will you be when so many topics are covered within such a short period of time? We do, however, show sites where you can go to learn step-by-step instructions on how to repair and service those devices. There are new cell phone models coming out on a weekly basis, and our main focus in our training is to teach our students how to become a true Cellular Master Technician that can repair all manufactured models out there, and not to become a generalist with limited repair skills. We have a saying in our training – If you can fix all models of cell phones, you can fix any portable electronic device out in the market today…which they all agree with after the completion of our training.

Q: What credentials do you have to teach others this skilled trade?

A: We have over 10 years of experience operating succesful cell phone repair centers in California and Nevada. We have been trained and certified by 3 of the top phone manufacturers in the wireless industry. We have 7 years of cell phone repair training experience. We have built a proven curriculum that has helped students launch and operate a cell phone repair business immediately after training. Don’t take our word for it…read what our students are saying >> Student Testimonials

Q: What separates your repair training from others who just recently started offering training?

A: We are the innovators and trendsetters when it comes to cellular repair training. As the first Cell Phone Repair Training School to launch in the US, Our Level I, II and III repair training course have been copied by many wood-be startups, but our vast knowledge in the cellular repair industry, and traininig over 300 business owners to help launch their own repair business is unmatched.

Q: Can we contact your former students for reference on your training?

A: We do not give out personal student information to the general public, but if you read through our testimonials page, many former students have written testimonials and given contact info for course reference.

Q: Do I need a electronics background to take this training?

A: Not at all. Many who are from the electronics repair background do not face the same physical or liquid damage that occurs on the cell phones, so the repair techniques and troubleshooting are vastly different.

Q: Do you issue a Certficate for your CMT training?

A: Yes. A Certfiicate will be awarded to the trainee at the completion of the 5 day Level I II and III CMT training class.

Q: Do you offer group discounts on training?

A: Yes. Group discounts are offered, please call us for details

Q: How can I make payment for the training and when is it due?

A: You can make payment via PayPal or Credit Card directly on our website by registering and choosing the date you are interested in attending. Due to classes filling up quickly, it is highly recommended that you register for training first before booking any hotel or flights. This way you are guaranteed a spot for training.

Q: How far is your training facility from the Las Vegas Strip, and do you have any discount or corporate rates with any local hotels?

A: Our training facility is located 5 miles from the world famous Las Vegas strip and we have corporate discount rates for local hotels near our training center. Please visit the Hotels & Info page for more details.

Q: Where are your training centers located?

A: We have 5 convenient training locations across the US – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta and Northern Virginia.

Q: Are you certified or are you affiliated with Apple to fix iPhones?

A: No. We are not certified by Apple nor do we claim to be authorized by any other cell phone manufacturers to repair their devices. Our repair training is derived from our personal repair experience dating back 15 years servicing all cell phone brands and students are taught utilizing Wild PCS repair techniques and are issued a Wild PCS Certificate of Completion only.

Q: Do you sell repair tools and equipment?

A: Yes. Not only do you train with the best repair equipment in training, but we carr and have special pricing on tools and equipment for our students.

Q: Will you give us reputable supplier list where we can purchase cell phone repair parts?

A: Yes. We will go over who the reputable suppliers are here locally in the US that sells cell phone parts at wholesale pricing

Q: What is the length of the Cellular Master Technician course and what is the cost of training?

A: The CMT training course runs 5 Days held Monday through Friday of the scheduled week of training.  Time of training runs 10 AM to 5 PM. The course pricing is $1500.00

Q: Do you go over GSM unlocking in the CMT training?

A: Yes. We will go over unlocking solutions for GSM handsets in training, and show you where you can purchase unlocking codes from our vendors at wholesale pricing.

Q: Do you train Software Flashing on CDMA phones?

A:Our training focuses primarily on hardware repairs and do not cover CDMA Flashing. CDMA flashing takes a lot of computer and software knowledge. If you do not have a strong computer background, this will be very challenging for the novice. If you are computer savvy, we can show you where you can purchase the hardware and software needed to do the flashing.

Q: Can you apply the repair techniques learned to both GSM and CDMA cell phones?

A: Yes! GSM and CDMA is a network frequecy that connects the wireless devices to the Telco carriers. Repairing and troubleshooting the internal components and hardware can be applied to both GSM and CDMA phones.

Q: What will I learn by taking the Cellular Master Technician Training?

A: The CMT Repair training course consists of Level I, II and III repair training. In this training course, you will learn hardware repair techniques and troubleshooting skills to tackle repairs on all make and model of cell phones, as well as learn how to repair and treat water damage phones. You will have plenty of practice dismantling cell phones, as well as working with soldering device and other heating elements to do circuit board repairs.

Q: Who’s the ideal candidate to take this course?

A: This is a specialized training for individuals interested in mastering repairs on cell phones from basic cosmetic repairs to repairing board level components on the circuit board. Ideal candidates for this training are individuals from the wireless retail industry who are familiar with cell phone technology and handsets and looking to open or add a repair center to their existing business, repair technicians who are self taught doing cosmetics repairs but needs proper training to tackle Level II and III repairs. If you are not from the wireless industry but have some sort of technical background ground with good troubleshooting skills, this can aid you in training.

Q: How come Wild PCS does not provide online training?

A: To put it simply – Online cell phone repair training just does not work. We can easily put videos together and put it up on line for people to view and mimic the repairs, but the problem is very obvious – we cannot see your work to correct your errors. The hands-on learning portion is critical for students to graps the skills needed to do the repairs correctly and this cannot be replicated in an online environment. Don’t fool your self and think you can learn repairs online and save yourself the money and heartache by accepting our input on why it’s not doable and the importance of the right training is needed to become a cellular master technician.

Q: Can I really learn how to repair in 5 days?

A: Yes! Our training is based on the “Learn by Doing” model of instruction, so that means you will have plenty of opportunities to learn and work directly with the tools and equipment in training. You will have plenty of hands-on training during the 5 days and will feel confident by the end of training.

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