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New potential in the cellular repair industry is a natural result of the rapid advances in mobile wireless technologies. Now is the time to learn about and train in cellular repair to reap the rewards of a vocation that is fast becoming a mainstay in today’s world.

Whether you own a wireless shop and need to increase revenue, or if you’re a budding entrepreneur who knows potential when they see it, training in cellular repair will enhance your position and expand your offerings in today’s wireless market.

Why Train in Cellular Repair Now?

Until recently, cell phones were easily discarded when they became physically damaged, and people simply bought new replacement devices. In today’s market, however, due to the high price of cell phones and the recent Smartphone phenomenon flooding both corporate and consumer markets, people and businesses have limited options when their complicated, expensive devices become physically damaged.

In addition, wireless carriers are not interested in servicing or repairing Smartphones and seem solely focused on extending or signing up customers for a new 2-year contract. Consumers are left with a fragile phone that’s unlikely to survive the typical 2-year contract. Trained professionals in the cellular repair industry, however, can service and repair consumer phones that are no longer under warranty and not insured through their carriers, thus, saving consumers from having to replace their expensive phones, sign new contracts, and add to the landfill.

Smartphones—for example, iPhones, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry—are not only a means of communication, but they are also an essential item for navigating efficiently in today’s intense business and social realms. People are not afraid to admit their dependence on these fragile devices and, therefore, subject them to heavy daily use that often results in damage. That’s where professionals at Cellular Repair Centers can help:

Cellular Repair Centers give consumers the opportunity to repair their devices for less money rather than pay full price for a new phone—a phone that’s usually unfamiliar given the rapid obsolescence of high-tech devices these days.

How Can I Get Started in the Cellular Repair Industry?

This is a career for people who are willing to learn and enter an industry that will only expand. You don’t need to be from the cell phone industry, nor do you need to have a technical background. Our advanced 5-day Cellular Master Technician training course will teach you what you need to operate and become a successful cell phone technician.

Why Train With Wild PCS: The Pioneers of Cell Phone Repair Training

Our 5-Day Cellular Master Technician training teaches you advanced Level 3 circuit board repair techniques, troubleshooting the most difficult of repairs, and real world repair scenarios to help you learn to master servicing all cellular devices to launch and operate your own repair business. Our focus is easy, we truly care for our students and want to make sure they are FULLY capable of repairing all cellular devices and operating a real cellular repair business after attending our training.

This is not a hobby and you will learn more from us than the basics taught by start up training companies with no proven track record. There is more to fixing cell phones then changing out a broken LCD and Glass Touch Screens. If you are serious about learning cell phone repairs to start a business, you have come to the right place! Join thousands of other students who took a chance on us and now reaping the rewards – Learn from the most reputable company in the industry – We will teach you right the first time – Begin and launch your new career with us Today!

Do Some Research and understand why it’s imperative for your success to attend Wild PCS training! On paper, many of these so called cell phone repair training companies claim to have been in the industry for 6, 8, 10 years or falsely advertise they have trained over 1500 students to entice the novice. Knowledge is power and no matter how much others try to mimic our training, our expertise in teaching our students and the reputation of our certification cannot be replicated.

We have seen well over 15 cell phone repair training companies with fancy websites and wording come and go the last 3 years and by clicking on the image below, you will see how long Wild PCS has been in the repair and training industry…do the same for all companies prior to investing your hard earned money and learn from a trusted company who sets high standards in teaching students the right skills needed to launch and operate your very own cell phone repair business.

Our training center, currently located in Las Vegas, are:
  • Taught by repair technicians who have opened and launched Repair businesses from ground up with minimum 8 years experience and up.
  • We focus on providing practical hands-on real world learning that is immediately applicable. Students will be confident in tackling cell phone repairs after attending our training, guaranteed!
  • Enhanced by direct industry knowledge gained from Wild PCS’ extensive wireless vendor relationships.
  • Based on first-hand knowledge derived from our running successful retail repair centers.
  • We will also teach you how to price, gain access to reputable parts suppliers, marketing secrets to generate immediate traffic, how to start up new inventory, and many more business related topics will be covered to set you on the right path to launching your own repair business.
Our training facilities are equipped with industry leading tools & equipment:
    • Wild PCS has the best available repair training centers in the Country, and we have invested heavily to allow our students to learn in a spacious state of the art training facility modeled after manufacturers refurbishing centers. We feel that the learning environment is just as important as our training and it will enhance your learning.
    • We sourced and equipped our training facilities with the same industry leading tools and high-end repair equipment to service all cellular devices that only our students has access to.

    • State of the Art Audio Visual Projection System to enhance the learning process – Visual inspection of liquid damage circuit boards and identifying soldered defects caused by physical and liquid damage using Wild PCS manufactured Digital equipment.


  • To date, Wild PCS has trained and certified over 4000 students and helped over 300 business owners to launch their own cell phone repair business, and more are enrolling each month to join this growing industry. And most importantly, you will be provided with continued live technical support from our trainers after you attend our training. As we say in class – Training does not stop once you leave our training. We are committed to our students and here to help guide and support you so you are on the right path to launching and operating your very own cell phone repair business. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity — enroll today!

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