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Cellular Master Technician – 2 Day JTAG Data Recovery Course:

Course Description

Do you want earn more money for your repair business? Imagine if you could add another revenue stream that would compliment your existing repair business. With the Wild PCS CMT JTAG Recovery Course you can do just that! This course teaches you advanced soldering skills and data recovery techniques being taught no where else in the industry. Beat out your competition with this extra level of service for your customers. Not only do we teach you the skills you need to successfully access, dump and carve the data from mobile phones but we also help you build your business strategy around your newly learned skills. This is all done with our our unique training style that incorporates both classroom education and hands-on real world repair scenarios.

And of course, students graduating the course will receive a Wild PCS Training Certificate of Completion that is the most recognized and displayed by hundreds of repair centers across the country.

Why YOU need to take this training!

Here are just some of the benefits from taking this course –

  • Add an EXTRA INCOME stream to your repair business
  • Learn advanced JTAG soldering skills to help your existing repair business
  • Learn data recovery techniques applicable to Android and Windows Mobile Devices.
Who is your target Audience?
  • Consumers – Needing access to contacts, pictures, videos and Text Messages of phones
  • Law Firms – Evidence case review for data retrieval for Client access
  • Corporation Business – Needing data access to employee’s hand held devices and much more!
Course Requirements: -IMPORTANT- Students Must Bring Their Own Windows 7 Laptop with all updates and minimum 64 GBs free space to class:

Why I need to bring my own Windows 7 Laptop:

  • Riff Box Software, drivers and updates will be installed directly onto your personal laptop
  • You have access to do the JTAG recovery right outside of class once you leave the training
  • Data Retrieval Software will be installed onto your device
Cellular Master Technician JTAG Data Recovery 2 Day Course Price: USD $999.00

Day 1 :

Prepwork – Discuss prerequisites to course, RIFF Box, Soldering, Building JTAG Boards

Day 2 :

Hands on Work – Learn about test access points, how to use RIFF, acquire data through JTAG and RIFF

What it includes :

2 full days of advanced soldering and data recovery instruction and hands on practical instruction, business strategy and operations, a trial license copy of Phone Image Carver data recovery software, Riff Box, Molex Kit and unlimited after class support.

When –

Saturday – Sunday from 10AM to 5PM

  • Introduction
  • Discuss prerequisites to course
  • Soldering
  • Windows 7 with minimum 64gbs of free space.
  • Level 2 techniques
  • Discuss what to expect from the training course
  • Riff box
  • Data recovery
  • Pricing
  • Scenario
  • Installation of RIFF Box
  • Riff box software package
  • Repair packs
  • Carving software to retrieve Data
  • Load restrictors and repair packs (for hard bricked phones)
  • Soldering intro
  • Safety
  • TAPS – slide techniques
  • Build a JTAG board
  • Wires (both red and enameled wires)
Day 2
  • Intro to TAPs (test access points)
  • Resources
  • TAPs – Intro to definition and concepts
  • TCK (Test Clock) – this signal synchronizes the internal state machine operations.
  • TMS – (Test Mode Select) – this signal is sampled at the rising edge of TCK to determine the next state.
  • TDI (Test Data In) – this signal represents the data shifted into the device’s test or programming logic. It is sampled at the rising edge of TCK when the internal state machine is in the correct state.
  • TDO (Test Data Out) – this signal represents the data shifted out to the devices’s test or programming logic and is valid on the falling edge of TCK when the internal state machine is in the correct state.
  • TRST (Test Reset) – this is an option pin which, when available, can reset the TAP controller’s state machine.
  • How to utilize RIFF box
  • Tabs
  • Resurrection – When to use/When not to use
  • JTAG – How to acquire data
  • DCC – How to read/write data
  • Box Service
  • Functions
  • JTAG read/write – for our purposes, we use this tab to test connections to the riff box. To make sure the connection is successful a boundary scan must be done.
  • DCC read/write – used to read memory from the chip.
  • Box service – how to update Riff Box and acquire new  firmware
  • Troubleshooting Riff Box errors and connection problems
Course Requirements

In order to get the most out of this course students should have at a minimum * Windows 7 Laptop with all updates and minimum 64 GBs free space * Soldering experience * Prior cellular repair training

Tools and Equipment Needed
  • RIFF box
  • Molex kit
  • Windows 7 computer – min 64gb free, all updates
  • RIFF jig
  • Enameled wire
  • 10 gauge wire

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