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At Wild PCS we understand that teaching students how to repair mobile devices with state-of-the-art high quality repair tools is essential in their learning process. With over ten (10) years of experience in repairing mobile devices our instructors rely heavily on the best available tools and equipment when training our students.

We train and teach our students utilizing the best name-brand equipment in the repair market, and once they are certified, the students have access to the same quality tools to help launch their repair business. We know there are lots of brands out in the market so we source tools and equipment that are of high quality yet easy on our students pocket to start their business. These high-quality precision tools give repair technicians, our trainers, and students an advantage when tackling the most difficult of repairs.

We are aware that the tools & equipment are an essential part in repairing mobile devices so that is why there is no reason to decide on what type or brand of tools to purchase, Wild PCS has taken the guess work out of it for you.

So when ordering your tools and equipment from Wild PCS do so with confidence in knowing that the brand you receive from us has been tried and tested amongst all leading brands out on the market.

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