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Wild PCS LCD Refurbishing Service

Don’t Sell Your iPhone Screens, Refurbish Them:

Wild PCS provides professional LCD refurbishing service for repair shops at a very affordable price.  Rather than selling your screens, now you can have them refurbished.  No job is too large or small, our refurbishing center can accommodate all your screen refurbishing needs for your repair business.

Which iPhone screen models are you providing service for?
  • We are offering LCD refurbishing for the following models:  iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus screens.
Will you offer the same service for Galaxy Screens?
  • At this time, due to the overwhelming feedback from our students and the need for iPhone screens to be refurbished, we will add the Galaxy series in the near future.
Do you refurbish both Original and Aftermarket Screens?
  • At this time we will be refurbishing Original screens only.  The aftermarket products are very poor in quality and to prevent high defect rates, we will only refurbish original screens.
  • In the event we find you sent in aftermarket parts, we will send those back to you.
What is the turnaround time to get screens refurbished?
  • We will need to know the volume of screens you send in to determine the time but on average, we estimate 1 week delivery time.
What happens to the broken screens you discover in our shipment?
  • Once we receive your broken screens, we will test each unit and if we discover any of them to be defective, we will return those back to you.
  • We ask our students to mark each screen (use a sharpie and put in your initials on the back of the screen) so in the event we need to send the defective parts back to you, you will know it is your part.
What is the price for getting the screens refurbished?
  • Pricing for iPhone 5,5C and 5S screens $20.00
  • Pricing for iPhone 6 screens $23.00
  • Pricing for iPhone 6 Plus screens $28.00
  • Pricing for iPhone 6S screens $32.00
  • Pricing for iPhone 6S Plus screens $40.00
  • Pricing is subject to change due to market conditions


Where do we send the screens to get refurbished?
  • After you follow the packing instructions and properly marking your screens, you can ship them to our Las Vegas office.

Wild PCS LCD Refurbishing
Wild PCS LCD Refurbishing

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